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Deerfields Mall is ready to welcome the month of togetherness in high spirits with Family game nights. Hosting visitors everyday from 2nd April to 3rd May, the mall is offering family fun like no other! With a life-size Scrabble in Arabic, shoppers can participate, enjoy bonding and compete with other teams for a prize pool of AED 50,000.

The life-size Arabic Scrabble game is located on Level 2, main atrium and will be on daily from 7 pm until1 am.

The minimum spend to play Scrabble and win upto AED50,000 is AED200 at any of the mall’s outlets. Every week a team of two players can win AED 4000 each.

It’s the perfect opportunity to put your word-making skills to the test, appreciate family bonding time after Iftar and win great prizes.